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Groom Cars

Dream Groom Cars

Treat the groom to the “ultimate drive to the wedding” with Cheshire Luxury Cars.

Ferrari Wirral Wedding Cars

We all recognise the importance of the bride looking beautiful upon arrival at the wedding, but what about the groom?

Arguably, he also deserves to arrive in true (sporty) style!

At Cheshire Luxury Cars, we have top-class cars to appeal to the groom as well as the bride.

You may be mistaken for thinking that our four Rolls Royces are gentle giants - fantastically luxurious, but for a more sedate ride. Think again - despite weighing over 2 tonnes, they can take you from 0-60mph in around 6 seconds - that’s astonishing for a car nearly 6m in length - and thanks to the state-of-the-art suspension, you are assured of an almost eerily silent ride - an incredible experience and one certain to ‘send the Groom off in style!’

Alternatively, the distinctive styling and comfort of our midnight sapphire Range Rover has all the performance you would expect from this state-of-the-art car but with sporty touches throughout certain to appeal. And perhaps, after delivering the groom, it could assist with the transport of the bridesmaids?

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